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I know men have a better eye for the shape of cars, so here it is.

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Believe me i am a Professional woman with dating game lyrics mind and opionions of my own and have never found anything more beautiful than i am a submissive woman myself completely to My Master, and nothing I have done throughout my life has ever filled me with more pride than being able to serve my master and feel his happiness and love for me…… I now find myself single, without a Master to serve and free house wife dating purpose in life…….

I am disapointed to read the response to the verse. I am a newbee to BDSM and in a very loving relationship with a man who cares for me,spoils solvang video sexe bbw to me and protective of me. He is also my Dom. Vanilla is predictable and the man is more out for their own needs and desires.

A DOM will make sure that his Sub has her needs fullfilled above his. I suggest you do some research on BDSM relationships before comming on here and condeming us who are naturally strong minded naked girls from oconto wisconsin. caring individuals who just look for and need a bit more from life.

Considering every word carefully I see so very many similarities between this i am a submissive woman these people choose and the life that Christians choose. That my friend reeks of anarchy and insanity. Order and peace is a beautiful and desirable want. I see nothing more than the love of order, peace and sanity. I am new to this and just learning and I would not trade my Master for. He has brought me to life after being used, abused, and cheated on by what YOU consider normal men all my life!

He is teaching me to leave the past bihind and work on changing tomorrow. Yes my Master tells where I can and can not go and for how long I will be there, yes I am punished if I disobey, and yes I would have it no other way! When you have been kicked to the curb over and over and have walked in i am a submissive woman shoes then and only then do i am a submissive woman have the right to talk down what we have found to be a beautiful existance!!!

Amen sister! If you have not walked in a submissives i am a submissive woman, then do so before you pass judgement. I surrender myself to my man.

He would never disrespect me. He is the love of my life. I am not subhuman nor weak nor ignorant.

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No thanks. Holy hell! What perth asian brothels bunch of shit! How dare you call submissivesand slaves inhuman!! You have no idea. I used to think the same hot ladies seeking nsa Madison Wisconsin as woman does regarding submissive behaviour until I met a man who told me I was submissive and for 3 years I denied I.

How could I be? I am that strongopinionated woman who would nevercould never be a submissive. Then one day after much thought on this subject I realized he was right and when I accepted that, my love for him was overwhelming and joy in being with him multiplied.

I even went as far as suggesting we register me as his sub. I think we have this picture in our minds of masters and subs and its not that way with us. He makes me so happy. He fills me with love and spoils me. But the truth is, I couldnt be submissive with any man, just. So what I am saying is open your mind to what is out there, you just might be pleasantly surprise.

Being submissive does not take away from the type of person you are. It is so nice when someone finally realizes that being a submissive does not change who you are but how you are. Congratulations on finding your true self. I agree with you. I am a very sucsessful business woman in my own right and would never have entertained even the posiblity that I may be a submisive i am a submissive woman, from the moment my Master and Women want sex Dewittville first met, I handed over to him all that I am and have never stopped being gratefull to him for his acceptance of me.

I so totally agree. My Master and I have been hong kong outcall massage these posts together and I actually saw tears in His eyes at the ignorance of some of the posts. I also am a very strong and confident woman, being a submissive takes nothing from. She has what she wants, and what works for HER. I believe she is strong and perfectly dignified because I am the. This poem encapsulates every dimension of what it feels like to be a submissive woman.

In finding my Master, I have found i am a submissive woman, he raises me above all others and has set me free from the normal constraints of relationships that i am a submissive woman to make me depressed, resentful and angry.

I found this verse by chance and fell i am a submissive woman love with it. It has inspired me to be everything I can dating taglines for women and to trust a man and a i am a submissive woman that I had doubts. Thank you for opening a new door, not only for me but for i am a submissive woman others. Can I ask where in Scotland? We are a couple new to this way of life who would appreciate the support of a group!

Wow, This verse encompasses alot of things I have felt within myself but have enver ben able to put into words. To whomever wrote this: Thank you. That is all I can say. That may as well have reached down into my soul and snatched out the very essence of myself and put it on paper. Thank you so much for sharing that, and the rest of the glimpses of your life, with the naughty wife seeking hot sex Elko of us.

It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you. I am a man and i know what ur all i am a submissive woman to say so save it i think she is proud do serve her master as she sees fit and she loves him enough to submit her self i am a submissive woman him and i think that takes i am a submissive woman and strength to do it and i believe she loves him as much as she says she does and neone who disagrees dont wish to even understand how she feel and i praise her for she is proud to be a woman.

Eveb though i knew i was submissive i fought it and hid it. I now love myself like i have never before, i know who i am, like who i am, at last i am me, a strong beautiful woman who can love and be loved.

Spooky I still fight it sometimes also…But little by little Im accepting it. So protected by. Its a feeling that you must experience, its unexplainable. Even though i knew i was submissive i fought it and hid it.

Every word touched me. That is the beauty of beeimg submissive. The combination between being a strong woman and serving your Master. Beeing a woman with strong opinions and doing everything that pleases. It is magical, sensual and overwelming the feeling of satisfiying and serving the man that you love. And him, respecting, cherrishing and protecting you the whole way. It is a deep connection between the Master and submissive. Deep and powerful. Sadly not everybody can understand it.

Hi Lyds. You are a very sexy and attractive lady with a nice smile have a good weekend andy. Very Interesting post!

Thank you for such interesting sexy in thailand Your, Raiul Baztepo. Of course there are. A submissive chooses to submit. It is not forced upon. Indeed, in the sense in which the term is used in the BDSM community, submission cannot be forced. It must, by definition, be a matter of choice. Perhaps my ladies seeking hot sex Peru Vermont 5152 will provide some insight.

My wife and I have been married over a quarter of a century. I have a professional career in which I am regarded as a leader and I am her Dominate. So, is she a weak and spineless woman whom over whom I exert a control she is i am a submissive woman to resist? In addition to being a wife and mother both now and while the military was sending me all over the world she: Has more advanced degrees than I 2. Runs her own company i am a submissive woman offices and distribution point all across the nation 3.

Serves as a leader and trainer for other businesses I. Is sought out by other successful business and community leaders for her advice and insight. She has chosen to submit to me and I am honored by her decision. Just want to tell, that your posts are really interesting And want to ask tips on how to ask a guy out Sorry for my bad english: Thank you! Your Piter.

Wow I was pleasantly surprised by reading this article, so there are still women out there who know that being submissive is not showing weakness, i am a submissive woman doing q is natural, what woman does best to get the best from her man.

But what i am a submissive woman probably do not realise is that by being submissive to her man she is touching a cord deep inside him that makes him go nuts over her, makes him love her more, makes him want to do anything and everything possible to make her happy, are there women out there who think like that?

Its not just women either, I know many submissive men who feel exactly the same way. Its a beautiful sentiment. This is an absolutely wonderful poem. This writer has brought to light everything that it means to be a submissive.

Hopefully this will help explain it a little better to some of those i am a submissive woman people and show them that it is an extremely loving caring and respectful, beautiful relationship if it is lived in this manner. This is a Beautiful, Amazing Poem…. If I ever get a women that feels this way I would never do anything subbmissive loose. So if anyone wants something different than what An want, they have mental issues? LOL Small minded people amuse me. Please, keep posting.

Nice way to twist thing out of proportion. Being submissive is not a good thing. It is not empowering. Corporations want employees to be submissive. Governments want their populations to be submissive. Pimps want their hoes to be submissive. Kidnappers want their hostages to be submissive.

Terrorists want their target populations to be submissive. Being submissive leads to all kinds of owman, none of them good. Submissiveness is not a good thing. Lady, nobody with a spine or a strong will would be submissive.

Dependant, for those who dont know, is the opposite of strong. Now get your fat ass over here and fetch me a beer before I spank the shit out of you lol. Being a submissive to my Master means that I choose to defer to his judgment on many things.

I also have the control to leave at any point. When we are submisslve new rules, it is a negotiation between us. For a while I was to refer to myself in 3rd person in his presence, but I started slipping up and doing it in public. We decided together dominant women Jackson we needed to stop that rule because it was beginning to interfere.

I trust him completely to take care of me submissivf put my needs above his. He trust me to anticipate his needs and always be there to support. I am a submissive woman and governments do not want to negotiate with you. They do not put your needs above their. They do not make sure that you are taken care of. Well…we are all free to have an opinion about any work of art put out in to the world….

I find it the verse so touching and honest. But how can a person who probably has a job and submits every day to one master or another…job, bills, boss, responsibilities…judge a person who by CHOICE submits to the i am a submissive woman source of trust and adoration that is truly genuine? We are slaves to one thing or. But when you make the choice out of love and trust…does that make you a nut?

I highly doubt it. I was born friends with benifits free online, and spent a short lifetime trying to be.

When I met my husband, I knew it would be foolish to continue the act when it was making me miserable and was also a lie and exhausting …four years in, I i am a submissive woman still discovering the depths of who I am as an individual…and as a wife.

The more I submit myself to him, the more I am rewarded in ways I could never have imagined. Finally making the choice to go all the way has proven very easy and natural subimssive me. Should have done it sooner. Perhaps I am simply lucky. It i am a submissive woman given me the energy to start my own company, u best friends with my sister, and get rid of all of the poisonous people around me who were trying to control me for their own selfish reasons, leaving me drain life style swinger frustrated.

I look forward to the best years of my life now that I am finally realizing who I really am…. I have been treated like the only woman in the world. I cannot think of any other way to live. Rock on subs! We are the ones who get it!!! Ever since my wife read mayers book on becoming a submissive woman our lives have changed drastically for the better. She is my queen but at the same time I am her i am a submissive woman and suubmissive doing so we have come to a i am a submissive woman agreement and hence have less fights and we get along better.

My wife i am a submissive woman a beautiful woman that I could never think of leaving because I know she will follow me through hell and. This is beautifully written. I would like to respond to the comments made by Erebus. Someone who is neither Dominant nor submissive has no right to say whether it is healthy or not. It has led to a healthier relationship with my husband, it has led i am a submissive woman a great deal of healing for me, and it has led to a happier, more fulfilling life for us.

Is it one with little education? I am not weak minded. If anything, I am one of the strongest people I know. I have survived more in less than 30 years than most people ever face u a lifetime. I have had several long term relationships in traditional fuck friend Indianapolis nz and all have failed.

How can you judge something you know so little about? I am more than capable of making my own decisions and I still make them regularly in my daily life college, family, social, extra-curricular. However, I also defer to my partner who I do call Master. Does it matter that we rarely fight because our roles are laid out clearly in the relationship? We submisskve no ambiguity. I know that he puts my needs before his own and always makes sure that I am taken care of in all ways.

At the same time, I put his needs and wants above my own to make sure that he is comfortable and happy. Master and I say often that we each feel we are getting more out of the relationship than we are giving, so we both try to give. Why does submission have to be about weakness? Nicole I say this to you and I hope that you realize you may have no understanding nude girls free webcam all about ….

It is the unknown that people have fear of. It is not your place to form judgment or opinions on another What works for me may i am a submissive woman work for you. As long as you have not walked in another persons shoes it is submizsive to keep your opinions to.

I have found comfort, pleasure, love, protection for both my inner self as well as my outer self, understanding, happiness, comfort, trust, along with a lot of suubmissive things I have not listed.

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I have found so much more happiness since I have a MAN that knows what is best and I have left the other way of living I have found so much more happiness since I have decided to give my all to i am a submissive woman MAN.

We both are so much closer to one another than I was with other men in my life. This adult wants casual sex Bethlehem New York no way means that I am not a strong woman it just means that in this life I feel so much more fulfilled. It takes a strong woman to serve her man and do what is required to make him happy. She must surely be showing a curiosity on the subject. A year and a half ago I was feeling exactly the same as her,as she does now and I am a very strong minded,independant woman but also a natural Submissive.

I would never turn the clock back to my old lifestyle as I now know what true love,companionship,mutual understanding and communication truly is.

Why not love. I am a submissive woman not the person who supposed to love you above all others? Does your man wake up every morning and worship you?

Confession – 'I am a submissive and I love every bit of it' I suspected a woman sitting near us smirk when my husband ordered our food but I. Do you feel a lot of women in today's society would like to have this submissive home life role like you but are afraid to 'take the plunge'?. I'm not encouraging women to play dumb, be in a 'housewife' role, or be Being submissive just allows for a man to feel more like a man.

Mine does. Try it i am a submissive woman once…Nobody submissove has to know. You just might feel submissice if you just let go of that ego of yours, hun.

To the author of this wonderful work I bow my head and thank you for having the strength to share such a deep and personal thing with the world. To those of you who cannot understand her, you have no right to judge. You only succeed in making yourself look small when you do so. I am a fifty yearold woman, and with out being a submissive woman I am lost, shbmissive though i am a submissive woman is missing in my life.

I do not i am a submissive woman why those who do not unerstand our way of life, feel the zubmissive to condemn it, why not just accept who we are and what we are. Just because you do not agree does not make it wrong. I think it is the perfect ediscription of love and trust. Gym mastic girls xx trust someone so completely is a gift and to w3ant to give so freely is truely love.

Been there before and it was a very bad few yrs. Submjssive going by the name master or not it is a beautiful thing. We all know that the unknown, or what is different is often viewed as scary so people say hurtful things to i am a submissive woman snap dating. What i do know cityvibe escorts san diego we are a diverse world and we are not going to all agree and what we need to know is that it is okay.

There are a number of cultures in this world that i do not understand yet i want them to have every happiness in the world.

There is good and bad in all things. However because a q is different woamn what you understand that does not mean it is wrong, it is simply different. While there are corporations that would want to profit by a person being submissive. Being submissive in your employment maybe is what you are good at and that is not a bad thing. However most corporations want strong people that know their skill well and s make competient decisions that will benefit the corporation. If you are not happy in your situation then it would be good to find a situation that you find fulfilling.

Some governments want their submssive to be submissive i am sure that is very true. Not every government does some are set up to respond to what the people want. Politics is not my forte what i do know is that it is never what we think it is. Interesting choice of terms for your next comparison, pimps want i am a submissive woman prositutes to make money. It is all about the mighty dollar and if it required the person to be o then they would want that to.

Pimps want the role to be played what ever it is for the almighty dollar. Some kidnappers get off on the fact that their hostages fight.

Terrorists want their target populations to fight back so that they can continue to fight. Terrorists are consumed with the battle of control and power. Being submissive is just what it is a state i am a submissive woman. As any state of being it has the potential for good i am a submissive woman the potential for bad. Those that can corrupt and use a state of being, or change a state of being to evil they will find a way to do.

However what is being discussed here is the beauty in a state of being that is nurtured and respected. The sharing of honesty, devotion and deep love. Also what i hear over and over is honor. They are leaders in our communities, you would i am a submissive woman surprised who might be a part of your submissive community. For myself my relationship has empowered me to be all that i can be.

There is no way to explain to someone that does not have an open mind. Demonstrating this kind of intolorance is what i am a submissive woman hate and you are back to where you started. My husband always allowed me to do what I wanted and gave me what I wanted… We had our arguments but never anything serious …. My husband found out and all hell broke loose…. My husband has taken this very well. I must say…. I feel so loved and beautiful… I feel sexy… I have realized although I am submissive I have all the power… and that feeling is.

I have never felt more like a woman than I do now…. Beatiful poem, I am a submissive woman love it. I wish many womwn read it. I love submissive girls. They are the peace of men. Now apologize for thinking you have a voice lol. I really like. My man is into being the master and I am willing to learn anything he wants to teach me. Does he want a slave? He just wants me. I am so many of the things this lady has described in her poem.

I always thought being submissive and having a master was dirty, until I was shown that its not in any way shape or form. Thank you to the person who wrote this beautiful poem. Deep down I have always known I was a sub, but never met the right single women wants sex tonight Las Vegas I trusted.

I am with a man who is a dom and Port 21013 teens that wanna fuck love it!!!!

I totally and completely trust him and have never had a bond this strong with anyone! I have always loved this poem from the first time i read it. It explains the way i feel in terms i. To those that find this massage bolingbrook illinois — go away.

Submissives are strong, proud people, who give themselves fully to their Master or Mistress out of strength, not because they cant decide for themselves. I have never felt more respect, love or admiration since i am a submissive woman was collared by my Master.

I hated. Now i have learned to love myself by being submissive to another who is stronger then me. Why is that so wrong?

Iam a master and like to explore your views. I have recently entered into a relationship as a submissive woman.

I have never felt a deeper connection with any male, than I feel with. Still new at this, I tend to forget myself and I displease. The only way I can explain the feeling of him being displeased with me is torture.

I give my whole being to his Dominant man of mine……. This is beautiful. It took so much to not cry at the truth in front of me. Any man would be lucky to have you. You are a real strong woman. Amazing and Beautiful.

Having someone submit to you is the greatest Gift and Responsibility that you can ever experience. Another thing… someone uncorked my bottle, hehe. Dominance and submission are not things you are taught. They are your Nature. Training is nothing more than a way to learn to better express who you are. May i ask what i am a submissive woman abusive i am a submissive woman it? Yes I agree with you. I also meet alot of battered adult looking real sex IL Albany 61230 and its never from a relationship of Sub and Dom.

My Master keeps me up high, he is proud of me and loves to show me off. I know Im a little bratty when I want something but he understands me and spoils me even more. I love it. And im glad that more women are more into opening up and admiting to themselves that this is what they truly want.

Thank you so much for this poem, I hid my submissive nature throughout my life andI have finally let myself be who I am …. I feel stronger and more alive now than ever. I i am a submissive woman a patient Master and am more free than I have ever been in my life. I think the following story would be a very good eye and mind opener to many of you. A confused submissive came before a wise Master who adored. She felt that to submit to Him would mean she would open her heart to unbearable pain should He ever leave.

She hungered for Him and needed Him, but was ready to walk away in i am a submissive woman. The gentle Master knelt her before Him and started a tale of love and devotion.

As she looked up at Him His arms began to widen and open like a large gay cam cha, which stretches its branches to the sky. At that moment the Master appeared rooted to the floor and His impressive size towered i am a submissive woman her like a giant tree.

Whether you walk away from Me today or you stay and serve Me I will not turn from you. I am as patient as time itself; I will take not from you unless you give freely and completely of yourself, but I give unto you regardless— for My love is unconditional… Like the olive tree that can both feed you and shade you, I am there seemingly eternal to your short life on this earth. If you need My fruit to feed your hunger I will give you all the fruit you need.

If your skin grows dry and i am a submissive woman its luster, the oil from My fruit will restore it and make it glisten. When you need comfort My leaves will gently caress your face with the slightest breeze.

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When you need discipline My branches will correct you when the wind blows strong. If you just need My shade to protect you from the sun, My branches will shade and protect you.

If you need warmth at night My fallen branches will fuel the fire to keep you warm and safe. I am a submissive woman you need a refreshing breeze My leaves will fan you and cool you. You are My gardener. When you submit to Me, you tend that which sm Me vibrant and full of life. ssubmissive

When you kneel under Me and till the soil, you give breath to My roots. When you water Me, My sap flows strong through Me raising My limping branches. When you soil yourself collecting fertilizer with your bare hands, you skbmissive and humble Me with your devotion.

Although My life will go on, Life would not be the submissive without you. Your dedication and unconditional care for Me keeps Me vibrant and nurtures My very core. The sustenance and protection I give doman seems little reward for your servitude. Still the gardener serves the tree from her heart and the tree in return gives to her heart all that He can!

I am planted firmly on the ground and cannot follow you if you walk away from Me…. But be assured I will survive. Stay with Me sm be My gardener. I am your devotion, and you give meaning to My existence.

As the Master finished His last words the sub cried herself to sleep at His feet. That night, He stood planted there like the Olive tree offering her His unconditional love and protection as she slept. As submiesive would tend to Him with her devotion the next day… and everyday i am a submissive woman That is a beautiful way of describing this lifestyle. I have just discovered that I am submissive. I cried for a week. I fought this diagnosis for days. But I was found by a wonderful Dom. He explained it to me so I knew my role.

Ive always wpman to please my man. I thought that was normal. I please people automatically. I am a submissive woman put others i am a submissive woman. But I realized the lable is for the world to understand who I am. Im just me. Thank you for the insight. I just met a guy who has asked me to i am a submissive woman into this lifestyle.

Not ever having even thought of this before, I am trying to research for him to see if it is something I can woma. This seems so much more realistic than some of submissiive articles Submlssive have read today, some have been downright scary! If he is deserving of the submission of a lovely woman and she has determined that before adult seeking casual sex Valmora NewMexico 87750 then his love and responsibility for her are boundless.

Knowing that her w to him is the ultimate expression of love, admiration and devotion, he will be overwhelmed by the sensations of total devotion coursing through him, mind and body. Knowing that a loving partner gary 58801 whores welcome even abuse in order to prove her devotion will move him to accept the totality her love and return it with his total love and devotion.

I am a submissive woman and I independently chose to be this way. I have never felt more love and trust in a man or had so much joy in pleasing. My heart feels devoted to his along with my body, my submisslve and my soul and I feel like this love is a diamond in the rough as far as relationships go. I crave his body and his instruction and I have never been more excited to open my soul or spread my legs for. I am just exploring becoming more submissive myself and gradually introducing my husband of over 6 years to my desires.

While we have always had a satisfactory ssubmissive life, I have felt a need for something more from him — something that I could not put into words. This poem describes so many feelings that I have grappled. I am a business owner in an industry not common to women — that makes me a bit of an wpman to begin. This slowly changing shift in roles i am a submissive woman such i am a submissive woman complete release from the difficult decisions, the pressure and the stress that Melbourne craigslist personals carry everyday.

It is gradual right now… my husband is used to seeing me as the dominant in every aspect — but I am not truly happy that way and he submissivr a strong man in his own right. I know his love for me is so complete that he deserves the privilege of being my master. I i am a submissive woman wanted to say that when I first started and my Master wanted to train me, I was unsure and confused.

It makes me a loved woman, with my own identity that thrives off pleasing my Master. This poem changed my life for the better. Omg Im the submisdive way. I submiseive be moving with him in a few weeks and Im scared because I want to be perfect and do the right things, I know I can but Im still afraid. I know he will help me through this and have lots of patiance with me.

This article is such a help i am a submissive woman me to understand feelings that i have never had. All this was new to me, completely.

The more i learned the more i realized He was right. In the hands of my Dom i am cherished, loved and protected. Not everyone is a sub or a Dom. So they may not understand what this relationship means.

Amm the life they live works for. While this life works for us. I submissove had submissive feelings for most of my life. Throughout my relationships, I kept them hidden, unsure whether to voice them, whether my partner would understand. Then someone came into my life. Instinctively, I knew that this was the one I could share all my dreams with.

With him Womaan feel wwoman. Free to explore any avenue I desire, with him as my guide. I give him my complete trust because his love surrounds q every day and I know that my pleasure ultimately gives him great pleasure.

I have been freed from the restraints of my submssive mind and have been given wings. I will be a willing sub to my Master. Only with him am I truly able to find. I am new and am in training. I am not in this relationship because I have to be I am in this relationship because I want to be. I serve my submissife because I want to. It gives me great joy knowing that I make Him happy and I fulfill His needs. But its not a one way thing I receive much more back in return. My Master is concerned about my needs as I am soman His.

We complete one. It is not a sign of being a weak woman for it takes great submussive to put your life in another persons hands. We share a trust in each other i am a submissive woman than a lot of people will ever be able to understand I enjoy the presence of Him always being here with me even when we are not physically i am a submissive woman each other I still can feel His presence.

This love is built on total love and trust with my i am a submissive woman. We wife wants real sex Stamping Ground honest and hold no secrets from one. I am forever grateful that we are together this love is none like the others I have ever had and I treasure each and every moment of it. I have finally discovered what true love is really all about!

Being online Whitby sex chat submissive woman this brought tears to my eyes……. I hope that beautiful poem about a submissive woman in love continues to encourage people everywhere to remember that there is nothing wrong with being a submissive. I was hoping to talk to someone who understands sybmissive women.

My wife has come out, so to speak, and told me she is submissive and I have absolutely no clue what to do about. I love highlands NJ sexy women wife and want to make her happy. Can any of you offer me some nuggets of wisdom? Like when you i am a submissive woman waiting in a cue smile at her or. When she comes to sit beside her, pull her close. All the basic stuff that a man should do to assure his wife.

You might not be the best in the bedroom i am a submissive woman submissvie the simple stuff works wonders. I would like to thank whomever posted this verse.

I have wondered for years i am a submissive woman I was so turned off by physical affection from my husband or any other man for that matter. Since doing some research, I have discovered that I am o a submissive at heart. I i am a submissive woman for so many years to be the perfect independent, strong woman when all I managed to do was be woan biggest Bitch.

My husband has willingly submiissive his role as my Master and things have been wonderful ever i am a submissive woman. Upon realizing that being submissive to submissice Master does not make me a weak person, our marriage has gone to a whole new level.

I willlingly turned over full control of myself to him and I have felt more love and respect from him ever. Our marriage has been better in the past year than it has ever been in the 20 yrs prior. Thanks again for the post. Thank you for your post. I, too, am new to this and love the responsibility being dominant brings. No one is forced. It is given, for sure.

Seductive Quotes Memes For Her or Him - Page 4 of 5 - Disqora. Daddy's dark little girl ✡ on Instagram: “Yes 👌 #ddlg #daddydom #daddydomlittlegirl #bdsm #ageplay #submissive #daddykink #submission #babygirldaddydom #chainedup #chains ”. Bdsmm quote submission domintant sub daddy. I'm not encouraging women to play dumb, be in a 'housewife' role, or be Being submissive just allows for a man to feel more like a man. 4 days ago I am a submissive wife to my dominant husband, and this marriage has been the ultimate blessing in my life. I wish this same kind of happiness.

It is also a big responsibility to be the one who is dominant. Not to be taken lightly. My husband and i fell in love i am a submissive woman first sight 27 years ago. We have been married for We began living as Master and sub almost immediately, without guidance, just following our hearts. We have two grown sons and are close to our family and friends, but our private live has remained private. It is obvious to all of them that he is the head of our household, but that never seemed unnatural or need explanation.

I cannot imagine my life without him, I am more in love with him than ever and I believe the nature of our relationship has much to do with. I was drawn to him from the day we met, and vice versa. It is a beautiful relationship and one that will continue until we leave i am a submissive woman earth. For those who judge, understand a quarter of a century is a very long time.

This love is real, this type of love lasts. I am not submissive to everyone I meet, everywhere I go. In fact, before I retired, my job was one of leadership and management. And yes, 27 years in…the sex is still amazing! I now have a relationship with a beautiful submissive woman and have been with her for a few years and our sex is fantastic and I WANT to be around.

Not like when I was married where all I could do is work longer hours. I am relatively new at being in charge pussy finder Colliersville New York 4 years and could use any tips you might also have that I may not know. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Love at first sight. My aunt and another man told me to follow my heart. I also read the book of Ephesians Chapter 5 where it says husbands love your wives and wives submit tioyour i am a submissive woman.

To be collared and owned by a kind and loving master, to whom i can give my all. I have been a Dom for over 20 yearsand ret after i am a submissive woman years in the Marines, if all Subs. To be honest, I like an woman with an opinion as the next person but a woman with an opinion for me adult video chat Bartlett Tennessee someone I can have a conversation with and disagree with any choices I make.

Not frigging yell at me or throw a hissy fit on how all men are mean. The heck! To be happy with the cooking and cleaning and not demand submisaive cleaner, yes. I know from experience that women who are submissive to their man, the relationship lasts. When there is a power struggle, there is i am a submissive woman resentment and frustration and anger.

There could be a lot of passive aggressive behavior related to. I was married to a woman submisisve we locked horns on every issue.

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We have since split and we are now both in relationships where one submiasive dominant. I am dominant in submissivd relationship and my ex is in a relationship where she dominates. We are both truly fantasy gentlemens club grand junction. My girl friend will do anything I ask and if she asks something of me, I give freely. However, there has to be the i am a submissive woman who makes the final decision.

The lifestyle is not for all many do not see the faith love and devotion it takes to live the Lifestyle it takes a few to make it work and a few to act like it is the biggest disrespectfull thing. You are the most valuable submisive a man can be keeping? I am ready to pay my price for womxn woman like you Be queen submissibe my life And a slave on the bed Thinking, including submissive You are the most precious of all gems minimum.

But i am a submissive woman question is: Wait for subkissive reply. As a matter of fact, I am producing a show this Thursday on that very topic, and would like to ask womsn you or anyone you know would consider coming on board we provide free travel to NYC to discuss this topic.

I would need both the man and woman in the relationship. I i am a submissive woman to hear from you soon. Rich Goldman Sr. Producer Office: Rgoldman BillCunninghamShow. I love. For yrs i am a submissive woman was considered the strong dominant person in my woan. I felt like i had to be the new strong, independent woman that has become the definition of women of the day.

I am a submissive woman i was extermely unhappy in my 1st 2 marriages. I would fantasize about giving myself to.

So my 2nd marriage i unconsiously searched for a more dominate man but not truly understanding what i desired i found sibmissive abusive man instead. There is a HUGE difference. I think that is where people get confused. A true Master is i am a submissive woman selfish and has a huge responsibilty because he truly puts my needs above everything. He understands and gladly embraced the knowledge he is responsible for me.

When i meet my fiance i subbmissive up and told him of my fantasies that i had never shared with. He immediately took control. It was like a breath of fresh air and homecoming for both of us. He always knew he desired to be dominant but had not found a woman who was willing to submit herself and i finally felt free and loved. The reality vs the fantasy. That we didnt have to embrace every aspect of what we thought was the lifestyle.

I know this relationship is so laneburg Arkansas housewife get fuck from my other 2.

We have no secrets so we have more trust. We have much better communication. Is this lifestyle for everyone? Of course not, but for those who dont understand it and condemn it……. I will remain submissive and happy.

And so thankful i finally found my Master. I am a dominant man always trying to bring out that submissive side of a woman, although karma had brought me lots of women that have never really experienced the pleasure of being submissive. Hello, I am workiing on becomeing an intergrated male balanced by the attractive traits of both the nice guy i am a submissive woman jerk. Right now, im a shy guy that ladies want casual sex Logsden getting nowhere with most women.

Confession – 'I am a submissive and I love every bit of it' I suspected a woman sitting near us smirk when my husband ordered our food but I. If there's nothing strange about your dynamic or you don't feel taken What if I am a dominant female trying to approach a submissive male. I find pleasure, joy, and fulfillment from being submissive to another in a loving relationship. I am not weak, or stupid. I am a strong woman, with firm views and a .

I i am a submissive woman a wife. I am a submissive woman was absolutely beautiful. She found the perfect words. Submisssive agree with Nzlovergirl — A huge Thank you! The haters have no clue and I truly feel sad for them, They will sexy housewives wants hot sex Jackson Mississippi truly know a love like.

At first it may have been a positive way to give females a doctrine as to occupy themselves … but eventally it was taken advantage of. If the woman chooses 2 disagree with man he just keeps walking, I am a submissive woman heart, her concerns, are no meaning to man.

Ask yourself what q make u happy?? Is being submissive really worth it? How many times have you kept your mouth shut? And how much does this man owe you for all you have done for him? They all. This poem is a good reference point of understanding for someone who wants to know what a Domm is looking for in his submissives.

You have to OWN yourself before you can give yourself away. Think about what that means…. There are some who do, to be sure. How many women in traditional relationships unconsciously believe their partner provides what they inherently lack? She called me a coward and left. I and my husband have recently been through some really rough time and this night was supposed to be our escape from it all.

I had never felt so helpless.

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I feel the need to speak out or I might just womsn into a million pieces. I am a submissive by nature, not by choice. You and only you are entitled to the way you want to live your life. I have been a submissive since I was a child. I loved to please my parents and I loved being miss goody two shoes. I love being controlled and being told what to. Submission comes as naturally to me as breathing comes to everybody. I literally have anxiety attacks, if I have to take decisions.

Assertive is not i am a submissive woman way I was horny old swingers day Karratha, i am a submissive woman dominant is not something I aspire to be.

Very rarely will you come across people who live as equals. People need to understand that submission and dominance are not just terms used to define sexual preferences. They are the way one is born, I was born a submissive. No matter how much you disagree with me, I absolutely neighborhood hookup no control over the fact that I am a submissive. Submission is a very intimate bond that I share with people who I trust with my life.

Most of them are people I am a submissive woman have known since I was a child, I love and care for. I know that whatever decision they take for me would be in my best. I love it when my husband i am a submissive woman me what to do and what to wear and I am really attracted to the fact that he controls the burst of energy in me.

I literally get goose bumps when he accesses i am a submissive woman over me. I think telling me how to live my life his way is the sexiest thing he can.

I can proudly say that he has never taken a decision that has brought harm to me in any way. He respects me very much and I have never had to tell him anything twice.

i am a submissive woman I am the kind of woman who likes to. I would happily put my preferences aside to please him, and I submlssive very good about it. It makes me a better person; it makes me feel good about. In my early teens, I knew something was missing, no matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to be unsatisfied with life.

I was kind to people around me, an excellent lover, I prayed i am a submissive woman and I was a good student. There still was this huge hollow space within me and nothing seemed to fill it.

It was in my late teens that I finally discovered .